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Words - 0; Cover Art - 50!

Okay, so I don't know the actual score. But the main reason I haven't released any new books for a few months is because cover art is kicking my firm, masculine butt. So in order that people might remember me, I thought I'd dedicate a newsletter to some of the covers I've made recently.

Submission Therapy by Abi Aiken & Rozlyn Sparks

Bad girl billionaire Christina Pocock is used to being on top. A hard-nosed and ruthless CEO. An obsessive, compulsive micro-manager who trusts nobody with her business. Public or private.
Beneath that brittle fa├žade, though, she’s a hot mess. A tsunami of anger, anxiety and sexual addiction, with a trail of broken employees and pretty-boy gigolos stretched out behind her.

Nobody—even Christina herself—knows just how close she is to burning out. Nobody, that is, except her therapist.

Frustrated by Christina’s pig-headed refusal to change her ways, Dr Jardine prescribes a radical new form of treatment. One that pushes all her buttons–good and bad. A remedy that introduces her to a steely-eyed man who seems to read her every desire.

Submission Therapy.

The Alion King by Milly Taiden
Paranormal Dating Agency Book 6 - STANDALONE 

Isabella Barca is great at organizing—not so great at keeping her nose out of trouble. When Bella goes to work as Mrs. Wilder’s assistant, the opportunity of a lifetime pops up: travel with Gerri to another planet, a shifter planet, and help Gerri find a lion king his mate. 

Alyx Treyvaal isn’t known for being patient. A lion doesn’t ask for help. A lion doesn’t apologize. And he most certainly does not purr. But once he meets Bella, he finds himself doing all of the above…except for purring. He will not purr. 

With wolves stirring all kinds of trouble for them and a cousin who would like to shred Bella to ribbons, things are not simple for the couple. Not at all. One thing’s for sure, when his mate is taken and threatened, the entire planet will hear the lion king’s roar.

A Diamond in the Dark by Sassie Lewis

An untouched beauty, an irresistible cowboy, and forbidden desires. Sinning never tasted so sweet. 

How do you get a Texas cowboy to notice you? Tia's been asking herself that question for years. She's only ever wanted one man to notice her. The problem is the stubborn, ruggedly handsome guy that she's obsessed with has always seen himself as her uncle. 

What happens when the girl you helped raise becomes a young woman you can't resist? In Axton's case, you take a road trip to escape temptation. But when his brother dumps the delectable, curvy Tia in Axton's hotel room, suddenly the reasons for fighting temptation seem insignificant against the burning need coursing through them both. 

Can the heat of their passion ignite a love worth fighting for, or will one accident end it all?

Apocalypse Cowboy by Eve Langlais

It figured that the last man on earth would be the one who broke her heart.

The world died practically overnight, leaving behind sparse pockets of survivors, who must learn to live without electricity, internet, cable, or grocery stores.

When it came to survival, it was kill or be killed. And the most important rule of all; don’t let the zombies catch you.

When Brody rides off into the sunset, with grandiose dreams, he leaves behind not just his small town but also his first love. But the hopes he had of making it big are shattered when a deadly virus hits, and those who survive return as zombies to hunt the immune. Lonely in this new reality, he finds himself drawn back to his hometown and rediscovers the woman he left behind.

Hannah never thought the expression, “Not if you were the last man on earth” would ever come back to haunt her, but when the world’s population is decimated by a deadly virus, she regrets her words, especially when Brody comes riding back into her life. A very alive Brody who reminds her she’s not just a survivor but also a woman.

Eking out an existence in this new world is hard. Forgiving the blunders of the past sometimes harder.
Against all odds, Brody and Hannah survived the plague and have prevailed against the undead, but will their stubborn nature still tear them apart?

Blossom by Petrea Algar

Michelle has been waiting weeks for Samuel’s return, with only fingers and toys for comfort. More an existence than a life. But his arrival brings the promise of release. Of being whole.

Broad in body and hard in mind, he knows her every weakness. He can draw her open with the sharpest of touches… or just by murmuring her pet name.
Only for Samuel does she truly…Blossom.

Vampire Alpha Claim 6 by Marata Eros
(Note: this is part 6, but I made all six covers in the series)

Narah's been sold out by the most unlikely source, and faces a far graver punishment than her original sentence by Magistrate Oren. 

Marc and Murphy have now been caught in the crosshairs of her new life and face dire consequences as a result. Opposing forces and their hidden agendas continue to move Narah like a chess piece toward an inevitable stale mate. 

Can Narah return to her old life? Will she be hunted for an escape that was beyond her control—or will her tie to Aeslin and Matthews help her regain all that's she's lost—and more than she ever dreamed possible?

Ink'd by Ann Grech

With her fine arts degree achieved, Chloe Hollyoak begins her dream job in her hometown as a tattoo apprentice. Life is sweet, until the unimaginable happens, leaving Chloe and her two sisters alone and devastated. 

In her loss, life spirals out of control, made even worse when she’s then pursued by Blade, a biker intent on owning Chloe. Running scared and with nowhere to turn, Timmy, the tall, dark and freaking perfect stranger rescues her. 

Protective, possessive and dominant, Timmy tries to resist the much younger Chloe. But Timmy is fighting his own demons. 

Can they navigate their way through the storm to find calm waters, or will past secrets, Blade or Timmy’s own insecurities destroy their chances? 

Author’s note: Ink’d is part one of a three part series. Each book may be read as a standalone and in any order, however, to get the most out of the series it is best to read them in order. Please note that certain themes cross all three books and are not resolved until later books in the series.

The Butler Does It Better by Carmen Sparxx
Celeste Carmichael lives a lavish life with her husband, David. But she has an itch he just can't seem to scratch. 

So when David leaves her a gift, with strict instructions to be ready for a mystery guest at 8pm, she has no idea what he has planned - until their butler, Regan, turns up in her bedroom.

Celeste will be taken by the butler, HARD and FAST, while her HUSBAND WATCHES. 

WARNING: This work contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language (the best kind) and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Please store your files responsibly, so they cannot be accessed by persons under the age of 18 – or your grandma, you know, unless she’s kick-ass and likes her short stories HOT.

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New Release - The Gonzo Collection

By DaddyX

Outrageous erotica fiction in the tradition of Nicholas Baker and Hunter S. Thompson
Published April 24, 2015 by Excessica.com
Approximately 60,000 words
Print edition 192 pages
ISBN: 9781504500159

Buy Links


Amazon (Ebook)

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Amazon UK (Print)

Barnes & Noble


“… the only people who really know (the Edge) are the ones who have gone over.” –Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo journalist. 

Take a ride with Daddy over the edge. You won’t forget the distinctively drawn (and extremely horny) characters you’ll meet between these pages. An eighteen year old carnival hand nurses a crush for his gorgeous blond employer. A voyeur and his exhibitionist girlfriend find a window to peek through. A woman awaits her man while crouched naked on the floor, rear end pointed toward the door. An attempted rape is thwarted. A spy bites the dust. A man dates and mates with a fifty-foot woman. Mood and a sense of atmosphere bring it all to life in these twenty one gems of erotic excess.

From “Jail Bait” (Rated X)

 Inaccuracies thrive in a vacuum.

A local story persisted that Scaleville had been named after the dull red steel scale
that floated in the air. It settled on all the cars on the downwind side of town, leaving stains on their paint jobs as indelible as the stains on the people who lived there.

The real origin of the moniker was the long-extinct shad run that had once brought such
abundant fish up the river. Early colonists in the area literally lived off the silvery scaled, roe laden protein bounty that had proved so dependable each year. When the paper and steel mills went up, with all their attendant pollution, the runs stopped. Now, those who didn’t understand local history would grow up believing their town had been named for filthy air. Disease-producing metallic particles drawn into our lungs. Dust. Emphysema. Such a distinction.

My luck had finally turned. It took the beautiful, sophisticated Tammy Fitzgerald to make
me realize what a fuck-up I’d become. About time. For years my buddies and I had bummed around the shithole side of town where we were raised. Now it seemed there could be a future for me in Scaleville after all. Lovely blonde Tammy fell for the bad boy all right, but I knew I’d have to change my ways to keep her for any length of time. Couldn’t fuck this one up.

Horace Fitzgerald, the family patriarch, ran the town from behind the scenes. Their
family never actually worked at the mill, but they did exert a lot of local influence. The
Fitzgerald daughters were fortunate to have a powerful father since the younger two did get Scaleville’s attention every now and then. Not in a good way.

Tammy was the first woman I’d allowed to take the reins in our sex. First one to bring
out something in me I hadn’t known existed, not within my sphere of previous experience.
Tammy made love; she didn’t fuck, not just for the sake of fucking like all the other girls. Girls in back seats, girls on the hood of the car, girls out by Funky Lake, where the chemical company dumped their waste. The only ones to swim there were kids who were never taught the source of the water. If you even wanted to call it water at all.

Out in the warm night air, on my back on a blanket spread over a patch of yellowed grass by the foul lake. Tammy straddled me, lowering her bottom, taking me to the hilt. She writhed astride me, transfixed in ecstasy, the round yellow wash of a full moon illuminating her pale, angelic features. Tammy has a way of knowing herself, her own anatomy, finding every inner nook and cranny by snapping or twisting her loins and torso in particular angles, swaying, manipulating the bulb of my penis to some obscure pebbly pocket within her. She leads. 

For the first time in my life, I wished the woman I was fucking would come.

About the Author

Daddy X always wanted to be a dirty old man.

He survived the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and George W. Bush. He maintained an (almost) steady trajectory through Catholic school, a paper route, muskrat trapping, a steel mill, Bucks County, the Haight Ashbury, North Beach, the SF bar business, drug addiction, alcoholism, a stroke, hep C, cancer, a liver transplant, a year of chemo, a stickup at his art gallery while tied to a desk (not as cool as it sounds), a triple bypass, heart attack…and George W. Bush.  

Now he’s old, and it’s time to get dirty.

He’s been with Momma X (greatest editor on earth) for fifty years, but she thinks his stuff is too skievy to deal with. They live in northern California with a ninety pound lop-eared hound (17” wingspan) and two cats.  Daddy is also published in anthologies by Naughty Nights Press, House of Erotica and most recently in Cleis Press’ Best Bondage 2015.

Contact: daddyxmasmut@hotmail.com

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New Release - Sassie Lewis!

A Diamond in the Dark by Sassie Lewis

An untouched beauty, an irresistible cowboy, and forbidden desires. Sinning never tasted so sweet.

How do you get a Texas cowboy to notice you? Tia’s been asking herself that question for years. She’s only ever wanted one man to notice her. The problem is the stubborn, ruggedly handsome guy that she’s obsessed with has always seen himself as her uncle.

What happens when the girl you helped raise becomes a young woman you can’t resist? In Axton’s case, you take a road trip to escape temptation. But when his brother dumps the delectable, curvy Tia in Axton’s hotel room, suddenly the reasons for fighting temptation seem insignificant against the burning need coursing through them both.

Can the heat of their passion ignite a love worth fighting for, or will one accident end it all?

Content Warning: This book contains one hot as hell cowboy and a curvy college student with great taste in men. Some outdoor, indoor, and public loving. These scenes are sure to leave your panties wet and your heart pumping.

Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance, BBW

ISBN: 9781940744834

Author Bio 
Sassie Lewis is a born and bred Australian. She lives on the outskirts of Brisbane Queensland, with her husband, two daughters, one son and a dog that hates having a bath.

She swears like a sailor, and blames her ability to over share personal matters - matters that fall into that TMI category - on a faulty brain to mouth filter, that forgets to tell her “This isn’t appropriate dinner conversation”.

An avid reader since childhood. Sassie came across erotic romance in her mid-twenties, falling deeply, madly in lust with the genre instantly. And has had wet panties ever since. 
With her somewhat skewed and unique view of the world, along with a little encouragement from her father, she thought what the heck! and she penned her first erotic romance.
She hopes to draw you into the world she’s created, and leave you as breathless and wanting, for her fictional friends, as she became, while writing them.

Sassie also writes under the name of Vixen von Fock 


Excerpt – 18+ 

She was absolutely beautiful, kneeling on the bed, with her fingers teasing her own pussy, head thrown back, eyes closed. Her breasts rose and fell with every breath she took, her skin slightly flushed from her arousal. She was like a tornado—she sucked him in, and destroyed the world as he knew it, only to leave it reshaped, better for just seeing her like this. 
He hadn’t even known he was walking toward the bed until his shins connected with the edge of the mattress. Then her smell hit him, and the fragrance was intoxicating—strawberries, honey, and womanly musk. He grabbed her hand before she could finish herself off. Tia’s eyelids fluttered open, orbs the color of violets and glazed over with lust peered deep into his own. 

“You don’t know what you’re asking for, little girl,” he said as he brought her nectar- coated fingers to his mouth.

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New Release - "Misled" by Natane Luna

Another friend of mine who's also a writer has just released a wonderful new book!

Natane Luna's new story, "Misled", has only been out for a few days, and from June 6-8, 2015, it is FREE FREE FREE! I already have MY copy!

(And, not that it really affects the writing at all, but Natane is GORGEOUS! Check her Amazon page if you don't believe me! Le sigh. *cough*)

Raine Wright believed she had met the perfect guy. Seth was suave, sexy and exciting, everything a woman could want. Yet, something sinister lurked beneath his surface. Now Raine is in extreme danger because he intended to literally love her to death.

You can get this sweet piece of awesomeness right...about...HERE!

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Cover Art Price Increase

Good morning, evening, etc.

Things have been cuh-RAZEE here at Willsin's World this year. I've had an unanticipated growth in workload when it comes to cover art. As such, I've made the decision to do the capitalist thayng and raise my prices. I've been told many times I've been undercharging, and with a whole bunch of books with my covers blistering their way into the Amazon Top 100, I finally figured those voices were probably right.

My pricing structure stays the same (charges are based around number of images needed). It's only the prices themselves which have changed. And I still offer the half-price option.

All the details can be found around about...HERE!

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Guest Post - Lisabet Sarai

Fourth World:
Erotic tales of monsters, myths and magic
By Lisabet Sarai

Dark paranormal erotica
Published May 21, 2015 by Excessica.com
Approximately 30,000 words

Enter the fourth world - a world of lust and shadows, where anything can happen.
Obsessive passion and dark ecstasy mark these seven stories of paranormal desire from eroticist Lisabet Sarai. An undead couple hunts for beauty and youth in the history-drenched streets of Prague. A sex addict meets his fate in the embrace of a seductive monster. An innocent writer offers her body and heart to a century-old ghost. A spiritual seeker succumbs to temptation in the arms of a fearsome and greedy goddess. A kinky, blood-drenched threesome unfolds in a luxurious Bangkok penthouse. These tales conjure the magic of sex, and its dangers. Expect to be unbearably aroused and occasionally terrified. Do not expect happily ever afters.
Available from:


I don't like to think of them as prey. That feels too cold-blooded. Juliana says that I'm sentimental, but after all, we rarely take their lives. They surrender to us their youth, their vitality, their beauty, a few memories. In return, we gift them with a taste of ecstasy, even if they will recall it only dimly. That, and a lingering darkness. For the rest of their short days, they bear the mark of our touch on their souls.

No, I prefer to consider them as pets, or perhaps as toys. We do, indeed, discard them when we become bored. How many have we lured, over the centuries? I cannot count. Indeed, it disturbs me to think about this, for I cannot summon the face of a single one.

We will hunt tonight. I stand at the arching windows of our flat, watching dusk paint the Vltava in a thousand shades of gray. Across the river, the spires of the castle rise in graceful silhouette against mauve banks of cloud. In the background, Juliana plays Lizst. Her fiery restlessness is apparent in the music. She doesn't want to wait any longer.

Long ago, we learned to sate our physical hunger with the blood of dumb beasts. Yet this was not enough. Gradually we came to realize that we could not survive without tasting the fascination and the fear of human victims. We need their rosy, yielding flesh, their scents of musk and salt, their quickened breathing. We crave the worship we see in their eyes, the willingness—no, the eagerness—to surrender their entire selves to our unearthly beauty and power.       

We are addicted to the drug of humanity. I find this both ironic and somehow satisfying, this understanding that regardless of our invulnerability and near-omnipotence, our destinies are inextricably entwined with those of mortals. I sometimes wonder if God is likewise dependent on man (or vampire). Do we provide the same validation for His existence? Do we assuage the same kind of lust?

Juliana tells me that I am too philosophical. 

About Lisabet
Brief Bio
When I was a little girl, my dad would make up stories for my siblings and me, fabulous sagas about ghosts and monsters, magical races with mysterious powers, heroes on impossible quests, hidden treasures awaiting only the most courageous seeker. I blame him for my lifelong fascination with the magical and miraculous. 
Now that I've grown up, I create my own tales of wonder, weaving in generous portions of human desire with its potent enchantments. Lust and power—terror and ecstasy—my paranormal stories will make you believe in magick.

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New Release – Bio Cybe by Imogene Nix

BioCybe by Imogene Nix

Published By: Beachwalk Press
Release Date: May 18 2015


Can a cyber-enhanced warrior and a ship's captain find love together?

Levia Endrado never wanted to be a warrior, but at seventeen she was deemed suitable for battle. After intense training and multiple enhancements, which gave her superior strength and healing ability, she was sent off to defeat the enemy—a killing machine with a mission.

When the war was over, she had to find a new life. At twenty-seven she's a washed-up veteran without a future. Or she was, until she met Sandon Daria.

Serving as a pilot aboard Sandon's spaceship the Golden Echo makes Levia long for a different and gentler life. But old hurts and even older enemies aren't so easily forgotten. Particularly when they come back for her.

Sandon is determined to show Levia that she's more than just a BioCybe…she's the woman who completes him. Getting close is just the first step, keeping her alive is an even bigger challenge, but one he's willing to take because the prize is their combined future.

Content Warning: This book contains a broken heroine, a sexy hero, and a happy ever after that'll melt even the hardest heart.


Regret and sadness filled Sandon. He liked Secombe. A lot. He’d been talented, but unpracticed, when they’d met. Now he was seasoned, knew instinctively what Sandon needed, and best of all, he wasn’t caught up in the Juran Commonwealth and Independent Planetary Authority wars.

“So how do I replace you?” He took another long draw of the ale, hoping it would dull the scratchy sensation that swelled in his chest.

“I heard that the war is over.” Secombe cleared his throat and waited a beat.

Sandon jerked up out of the slump he’d dropped into. “What?”

“I heard they’re signing an agreement. Not quite a truce, but the two factions are looking for common ground. A way to end this damned war.” Secombe relaxed into the red leatherette covering the chair. “If that’s so, you won’t need me anymore. I hear the best pilots are already looking…”

Sandon shook his head. “Why the hell would I want some dried-up old warrior to pilot my ship? They’ll only bring all their own problems and prejudices with them. No. I need you.”

“I’m not staying past the first of the month. So, now that we’ve cleared that up, how about we start the process of looking for my replacement?” Secombe smiled, but it was brittle, as if the emotional distancing had already begun.

Frustration filled Sandon. It was so simple for Secombe to walk away. He had his family, his farm, and a future already mapped out. Sandon only had the ship and the crew; his parents had died a long time ago. The Golden Echo was his home, and those aboard it were his family. Secombe just expected to leave when he wanted, without thought for anyone else.

Anger and sadness welled, but Sandon shunted the emotions. “So, how do you…”

The door to the mess hall opened. Johnson, the cargo superintendent, ducked his head around the corner, his face conveying both confusion and caution. “Secombe? That pilot you invited aboard? Uhhh… The captain…uhh, person is here.”

“Excellent.” Secombe turned in Sandon's direction without a shadow of embarrassment. “Sandon, this pilot is the best of the best. Take a moment and see for yourself. Send the captain in, Johnson.” Secombe smiled, as if pleased to have already found his replacement.

An itch took up residence in the back of Sandon’s neck.

Johnson gazed at Secombe owlishly. “Are you sure?”

Sandon frowned at Johnson’s uncharacteristic actions. Something’s wrong…

Secombe’s eyes narrowed. “Send him in.”

Johnson gulped, the sound loud in the sudden silence. “O-okay…” His discomfort radiated, and Sandon leaned forward, ready to meet the man Secombe considered an adequate replacement for himself.

When the door opened all the way, silence reigned. A woman stood on the other side of the door, her gaze set. Her body, still and tensed, was arrayed in the combat browns many of the fighter pilots had adopted. Sandon could feel the tension rolling off her from the distance between them.

She has green eyes. He couldn’t control the thought. As his eyes scanned her body—toned, taut, and curved in all the right places—the liquid in his mouth dried.

“Captain Daria? I’m…” She blinked, and he wondered if the flash of insecurity he thought saw had actually existed.

Probably not, he told himself. Why would a flyer feel any level of insecurity?

“I’m Levia Endrado. Pilot Secombe requested my presence.” She held out a hand, in friendship or entreaty, he wasn’t really sure.

Sandon turned in the direction of Secombe. “Well?”

Secombe opened his mouth then closed it again before shrugging. She obviously wasn’t what he was expecting either.

The woman, Levia, stepped into the room and the door closed silently. For a moment, he caught a hint of anxiety before it disappeared and instead in front of him stood a confident woman. “You require a pilot. Someone with long haul experience. I’m a pilot seeking a placement. So far, our objectives are aligned.”

“No. I don’t want a woman piloting the Golden Echo.” His voice was strangled and hoarse, and he watched as she blinked slowly. “I don’t want issues with the crew.”

“It’s an all male crew, I understand?”

He nodded, numb at the thought of this woman, this gorgeous female, somehow interacting with the other men on his ship. Of her forming an alliance…

“I’m not interested in a bed partner. Just a home and employment. That is what the advertisement offered. You had an opportunity to vet my credentials—” She stopped and her eyes narrowed.

“What?” The words cleared the fog that had settled in his mind. “I haven’t seen…” Now, he turned to Secombe, who’d slouched further down, horror clear on his face.

“I… Your dossier didn’t say you were…” Secombe’s mouth dropped open, and his eyes widened further.

“It didn’t have to. Captain, I take it you didn’t scan the dossier then?”

As Sandon shook his head, the woman’s nostrils flared slightly and he caught sight of a deep emotion in the depths of her eyes. “Fine. Then I fear this has been a waste of your time and mine.” He heard the husky tones as she turned away. “I’ll leave immediately.”

The door slid open, and she was about to step through when he bellowed, “Wait!”

The woman stilled, but didn’t turn around. He wasn’t sure why that bothered him, but it did.


“Your dossier. Could I…” He let the words hang in the air between them.

“I don’t think…”

“I don’t pay anyone to think for me. Your file?”

When she spun back, her face was a mask of icy resolve. She located the screen command on the table and shoved her arm against the reader slot.

Information appeared; a brief overview of her skills and awards. She was trained to fly an MX5, the same model and make as the Golden Echo, also the GSL-23 and even the LD-5 mini-destroyer, he noted with surprise. She was classified as competent on all land based conveyances and even a variety of aquatic ones.

“What is your planet of origin?”

She stared at him, then her tongue flicked out and wet her lips. “That’s need-to-know, Captain.”

“Fine. You’re obviously ex-military forces. What rank did you hold?”

Her eyes narrowed at his question. “Is this somehow relevant to our discussion?” She cocked her head to one side and he wanted to gulp. She had an air about her now of leashed ferocity.

“Uh, I thought…”

“I was a commodore, but have been released from active duty.”