Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Last Three Days – Willsin Rowe #dark #erotic

PLEASE NOTE: This story is highly romantic but it is NOT a Romance story. It breaks many of the rules and tropes of Romance. There are some key points to the story which could act as emotional triggers. All acts are consensual.

In a seedy bar, in the rough end of town, the last thing successful lawyer Luther Prescott expected was a kick in the guts from fate. Full-bodied and warm-skinned, novice barmaid Opal Raye is like nobody he’s ever known.

Still finding her feet in a new career, Opal can’t afford distractions. So when the chiseled man in the tailored suit cuts her deep with those steely eyes, she knows instantly whatever starts is destined to end in flames.

His strength tells sweet lies about a future.

Her succulence reminds him what hunger truly is.

They have nothing in common. They can have no future. Yet want becomes need, need becomes addiction, until it threatens all they have, and all they are.

With no other option, they turn to abstinence.

Holed up together for a long weekend.

Three days, two bodies, one goal.

Oh, and no touching.

But if they last three days… what then?

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