Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Release - Her Majesty


That goes for me as well as my characters! As a man, I confess to finding great enjoyment in the love that occurs between two women. Or lust...hey, I'm not fussy! Whether that be in the form of film, pictures or words, all forms of sexual love between women holds a fascination for me. Because le sigh.

So, while I've written girly love before, and I'd written curvy women before, I'd never truly written girly love involving a curvy woman. That's what this story is about. It's also a friends-to-lovers tale, and I'm a sucker for those.

I've had a wonderful response already to this story, even from women who don't ordinarily read FF stories. That heartens me greatly, and makes me keener than ever to get more stories out!

But enough of that: here's the low down on the book...

Short, skinny tomboy Kim hasn’t had a boyfriend for a while. In fact, not since she fell in love with her best friend. The trouble is, her best friend is Serena, a beautiful, big Italian goddess who’s engaged to be married.

Or was, at least. Until yesterday, when her fiancĂ© finally confessed to myriad infidelities, laying the blame squarely on the size of Serena’s curvaceous ass.

As emotional therapy, the girls head away for a long weekend at a remote beach house. Just the two of them. No guys, no work, no distractions.

No inhibitions.

Can Kim work past her own fear and body issues to remind Serena just how damn sexy she really is?


This story marks the first (but DEFINITELY NOT the last) time I used the editing services of Lisabet Sarai. I'd previously made a series of covers for Lisabet (see below), but this was my introduction to her incredible editing skills. In some cases she made some tiny tweaks which really helped clarify the meaning of my words - even if it was just to question what the hell I'd meant to say! More than one reader has said "Her Majesty" is their favourite book of mine so far. I put that down to the wonderful refinement that comes from working with such a skilled editor. Thank you, Lisabet! And folks, definitely check out Lisabet's writing. It's as clever and poignant as it is sexy. Mm-mmm.


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