Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Guest Post - All Steamed Up!

I posted on my Facebook a little while back that I was unsure of my future in cover art. Things outside of my control meant I was left in the lurch by two different authors.

But despite the rumours, I never intended quitting cover art. I just needed to reconfigure my operations.

And I'm really glad to still be working on covers, because it meant I had the opportunity to make this little beauty! Yes, okay, I made it and I'm not being particularly humble. And hey, maybe it won't appeal to everyone...but it's one of my favourites of all time, and that's from more than 5 years making covers, and in excess of 500 pieces to choose from.

This is actually a revamp for the old La Romance Torride bundle, but I was very pleased to have the opportunity to make this new cover as well. And it's all up and on sale now!

All Steamed Up

Sultry, steamy romance! From historical to contemporary, paranormal to cowboys, this collection has something spicy for every taste. 

Marlow's Revenge by KC Vixen: 
Marlow will exact a terrible revenge when he meets the woman who ruined his life. 

My Destiny by JL Perry: 
Will Brooke have to face the dire consequences of her past alone, or can Logan help her? 

Playing House by Abi Aiken: 
Will the hunk with the ’66 Mustang and taste for boutique coffee become more than a temporary solution for Lucy’s problems?

Sojourn With A Stranger by Keta Diablo: 
Penniless and alone, Raine must choose between morality and a very indecent proposal.

Whispered Pleasure by Lacey Roberts: 
Will a near tragedy finally open Blake’s eyes, or will he let the luscious Lexie walk away again? 

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  1. Hi Willsin,
    I hope you never give up cover design, you are just so good at it.
    All Steamed Up has a gorgeous cover. The stories sound interesting too.


    1. Thanks for dropping by, and for the props, Margaret!