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Guest Post - Lisabet Sarai

Here's my chance for a fanboy moment! The fabulous Lisabet Sarai has kindly agreed to share her brand new release on my little blog here! (It's exceedingly difficult not to have a Wayne's World "I'm not worthy" moment here, ya know!)

But enough of Willsin's Waffle™. Let me hand over to the lovely Lisabet herself.

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One Night in Bangkok
By Lisabet Sarai

Bangkok, Thailand, has a split personality. It is famed for its glittering temples, vibrant street markets, deliciously fiery cuisine and abundant hospitality. At the same time, its go-go bars and sex shows, transvestite cabarets and ready flesh for hire have given the city a rather sleazy reputation as one of the sin capitals of the world.  A seam of darkness runs through Bangkok, flowing slow and deep as the Chao Phraya River that winds its way through the City of Angels.

The reality, of course, is far more complex than either stereotype. I know the city fairly well, having lived there for two years during the nineties and visited often in the years since. My first novel, Raw Silk, celebrates the exotic, sensual side of Bangkok. Kate, the expat heroine, finds herself as dazzled by the opulent glamor of her royally-connected lover as she is by the tender ferocity of her tattooed Master.  

My new release, an erotic thriller entitled Bangkok Noir,  explores the seamier side: sex for sale, official corruption, violent crime. It includes M/f, F/f and femdom scenes, as well as some real violence (though not in the context of sexual arousal).

Diana Fanning, aka the Professor, runs The Academy, the only genuine BDSM bar in Bangkok. She's the first person police colonel Apichat Weeranwongsakul consults when a bar girl turns up brutally murdered, tightly bound, with clamped nipples and every orifice stuffed with sex toys. The colonel figures the killer might be one of her customers. But he has his own secrets. He needs Diana to satisfy his shameful dreams of being beaten and abused. Meanwhile, a mysterious American named Sam stalks Nok, the lovely natural dominant who is the Professor's star performer. Nok is used to being the one in charge. She can't understand why she craves the discipline Sam administers.

As more women are slaughtered, always in kinky circumstances, the Professor finds herself in an exclusive world catering to the perversions of Bangkok's wealthy and well-connected. Simultaneously looking for evidence and satisfying her own lusts, she doesn't realize until too late that the power she's used to wielding won't save her from becoming the serial murderer's next victim. 

Here’s an excerpt, in the voice of the Professor, who is about to punish the colonel for betraying her. 

I didn't tend to keep kinky paraphernalia around my place, but a skilled dominant can always improvise. A cotton sport sock to cover his erection, held in place by a couple of elastic bands, and some surgical tape to fasten it to his belly, and voila! I had a makeshift cock cage. "If you come," I warned while I handled him, "you'll wish you'd never been born."  
"Yes, Ajarn," he replied through gritted teeth. 
"Now you can bend over. Reach backward to grip the rail. Raise that ass of yours up where I can reach it." 
Once he was in position, I retrieved the rope and began to secure him to the sturdy brass bar. My slick thighs rubbed together and my clit pulsed as I moved behind him. He looked so deliciously vulnerable. Eager as I was, I forced myself to slow down, building the tension each time I wound the rope around his wrist and the bedstead. The white hemp strands made a lovely contrast with his swarthy skin. 
"Spread your legs." 
I bound his thighs to the internal bars of the headboard, to immobilize him further as well as for the aesthetic effect. By the time I was finished, neatly aligned loops marched from his groin halfway down to his knees. 
Apichat lay completely still, waiting for my next command. I traced a fingernail over the monochrome tattoos that decorated his brown shoulder, curlicues and ancient characters no doubt inscribed by a monk to ward off evil. He flinched at my touch.
"Are the ropes too tight?" 
"No, Ajarn." 
"Are they tight enough?" 
He didn't answer. I reached between his legs to test his balls. They were taut and high. My colonel was very excited. 
"Now for your beating. I'm not going to use your belt, though. That's for when you're well-behaved." 
Returning to the closet, I retrieved one of my own belts. Like the colonel's, it was fashioned of leather, but barely a centimeter wide. It would move faster and carry more of a bite, almost like a whip. And of course, if I really wanted to cause him pain, I could use the buckle end.
I shrugged off my robe and strolled to side of the bed, so Apichat could see both me and the belt. I brought it down hard on the mattress, half a meter from his face. "This is going to hurt like hell. And then, after your beating..." 
Leaving the sentence hanging, I pulled my harness out of the drawer in the bedside table and buckled it on. The soft leather-and-elastic straps fit snug as a second skin around my hips and thighs. The confusion in Apichat's eyes morphed to terror when I exhumed the dildo and settled it in place. I'm not sure whether that look or the press of the toy against my clit aroused me more. 
"No...please...not that!"
I stood akimbo, looming over his bound and prostrate form, my cock jutting from my loins. 
"Will you disobey me, then?"
"No, Ajarn, no. But I'm a man..." 
"You're a dog. A worm. A disloyal snake. Shall I untie you and send you away? Unpunished? I will if that's what you want."
"No, no, I need you to punish me."
"But it's up to me to decide on the nature of the punishment. Don't you agree?"
Fear, disgust and desire battled for ascendancy in face.
"Look at me." I gripped my cock and stroked it as though I were masturbating. Little sparks of pleasure sizzled through my pussy. "Am I your mistress?" 
"Do you trust me?" 
A long silence and then, a whisper. "Yes." 
"Then do I have the right to fuck your ass, if that's what I feel like doing?"
"Um...uh...yes." A violent shudder seized him.
"Yes what?"
"Yes, Ajarn. You have the right to fuck me." 


Bangkok Noir is as dark as its name. But it’s very hot. If you enjoy moderately extreme BDSM in an exotic setting, pick up your copy today.

Find out more about Lisabet and her books: (lots of free reading at my website!) (active blog with many giveaways)


  1. Hello, Willsin,

    Thanks so much for helping me get the word out!

    I love your blog - and your bio.

    Warmly, Lisabet

  2. It's truly an honour to have you here, Lisabet. Best wishes for critical and commercial success with this book!