Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Snog For Sommer

It's a great honour to take part in this wonderful cause today - A Snog For Sommer.

Sommer Marsden was one of my first really good buddies in interwebz author land. She has a shine to her spirit that radiates across oceans and lands, and bursts through electronic communication lines. And what she and her family are enduring at the moment feels completely unfair because they're all such great people.

Being half a world away means physical help is a little beyond me, and that's an ache that's hard to bear. So every time I see a chance to help through the power of the interwebz, I takes it!

And don't forget, if Sommer has touched your life with her fiction or with her beautiful personality, please give strong thought to donating a little bit to help her family get through this trying time. And if she hasn't touched your life with her fiction...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Go! Buy all her books! Read them and fall in love with her like so many of us already have!

Ahem. So here, without further ado, is my (unedited) snogging excerpt, from my soon-to-be published paranormal erotic romance story, "Indigo".

“Caleb...take me. Love me if you will, just fuck me if that’s all you want, I don’t mind. But please...take me the way only you can.” She curled her head back and bared to me the heaven of her throat.
“I know you want it.”
I pushed her back and growled, the beast inside me delighting at the fresh burst of alarm that coursed through her arteries.
“Of course I want to, you silly girl! But it will end your life. Don’t you understand?”
“You stopped once. You can do it again. I trust you.”
I moved with all my preternatural speed and grasped her around the waist and upper arm, pulling her sweet body against me. “Then you are more foolish than I thought.”
She sighed and ran her hand up into my hair, vainly trying to pull my mouth down to her neck. I held my desires at bay, trying against all my instincts to be good. To be human.
“Take me.”
“No! You say you have known men? Then think of me not as a vampire, but merely a man. Do you not understand the drive inside me? The unstoppable momentum of my desires...”
She clung to me, pulled my hand from her waist and rested it against her neck, gifting me the throbbing heat of her accelerated pulse. “But you’re much more than just a man, aren’t you, Caleb? Stronger. More evolved. It’s not that I think too highly of you. It’s that you think too little of yourself.”
She pulled herself up to me and pressed her lips against mine. The ragged voice of need shot up and down my spine, arcing out into my muscles, pushing, prodding, daring me to dip into the well of perfection that her heart drove through her body.
And I could. There was nothing to stop me. Nothing but the humanity I wished to prove was still there, sleeping safely within this brittle shell. But what power has erudition and sophistication against the ravenous pull of the hunger?
Another beastly growl curled from my throat as I took Indigo’s mouth hostage, grinding my lips into hers. Her tongue slipped inside me, finding my fangs and plucking at them as if they were strings. Each pizzicato pull sent a spark of desire shooting down my spine.
She sang sweet moans into my mouth as I dragged my fingers across her skin, indulging that desire to mark her. To leave my brand on her. She worked the coat off me and started on my shirt. In no time I was naked, my skin at least as milky as hers, so much so it was difficult to see the spaces between us.
And then, once again, there were no spaces between us. Her mouth to mine, her breasts on my chest, our arms curled around each other. She hooked her leg around my thigh and brought the delectable heat of her pussy up against my cock. I found her ass with my hands and pulled her harder into me.
I captured her tongue between the sharpness of my fangs and she froze. As I fisted my hand in the tangerine heaven of her hair I bit into her tongue, just hard enough to break the skin. Indigo squealed with delight, the twin pains sending sparks of pleasure through her body.
The burst of blood into my mouth threatened to take my knees from me. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. The beast may roar and bound, but it stood atop the crumbling bedrock of my humanity. And the nectar of her body was as a drug to me.


  1. Awesome excerpt! So awesome of you all to get together and help another author in need, I am just amazed. I'm trying to make way thru all the stops and reading some great excerpts and adding a lot of books to my wish list.

    Snogs for all!

  2. I agree, that was a fantastic excerpt. And thank you.

  3. Hey, thanks for dropping by and commenting! And thank you for supporting the lovely Sommer as well.

  4. Thanks for joining in with a Snog for Sommer, it’s much appreciated.