Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Something Harder

In recent weeks and months, I've been getting some harder stories to create cover for. Well, maybe "harder" is not the right word. More taboo, edgier material, that's not necessarily dark.

It's been a good experience for me as both a cover artist and a writer. It's let me know that there's a market for nearly everything (which I guess I already knew, but it's nice to see it metaphorically in the flesh).

The two main genres I've been working on have been gang-bang erotica and lactation erotica. I'll have a new post about the milky stuff later on, but this post will be about the gangs. 

A few writers of my acquaintance teamed up to create a bunch of bundles. They're not all published yet, but several of them are. And I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to create a few of the covers.

The Gang's All Here 
Petrea Algar & Friends

What’s a girl to do when she wants more than two? Those deep, dark fantasies that good girls won’t admit to having. See what these six authors do with four—or more—to play with!

Purchase now from Amazon.

Taken Roughly 
Raquel Rogue & Friends

What is it about forbidden love we find so…alluring? Why can't we control who we fall in love with? And why does forbidden love bring out the animal in us?

This anthology consists of 6 popular erotic short stories, written by 6 popular erotica writers. The subject matter is pushing the forbidden, taboo love limits, exploring acts so forbidden they can't be mentioned here. 

Purchase now from Amazon.

Taken By Them All
Carl East & Friends

There are only a couple of stories in this book that could be classed as taboo, but all the stories have one thing in common. They have group scenes, a popular and very erotic genre/fantasy amongst the many readers out there. 

Purchase now from Amazon.

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