Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's Good For What Ails Ya...

I blogged a couple of days back about the gang-bang cover art I've been making lately. Interestingly, I forgot to mention that in many cases, there's no actual hint on the cover about the content. On one of the covers there was a couple. The others both had a single lady (with or without a ring on it). Even the titles didn't wholly reflect the multitudinous nature of the participants. In fact, even that last sentence was far frillier than it needed to be, all of which is symptomatic of the way these so-called taboo subjects need to be treated in order that they still be searchable on the distributors.

But with lactation erotica? Not so much.

Yes, lately I've had a huge influx of lactation erotica covers to make. This would probably be a genre that nudges the taboo without really diving in. And it's possibly on the edge of edgy. It's a niche market, but I think it's a nice one.

And the good thing with lactation erotica is that I get to work with boobs. There's nothing wrong with that in my book. And what a bevy of bouncy boobies I've been blessed with.

Firstly, a boxed set called Cream of the Crop 2. This was a lot of fun, taking an image which could NOT be used, and making into one which could. I love a challenge. Plus, did I mention boobs?

And from there, I scored the chance to work directly with Aubrey Ember on her ever-increasing catalog of lactation works. Firstly with her The Amazing Human Cow series (6 titles + boxed set; selection shown below).

From there, Aubrey and I have moved on to the Milky College Student series, which includes some older man/younger woman power play erotica, as well as some gang-bang stuff (in a nice crossover between the two genres I've been discussing). This series is also six titles + boxed set.


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