Friday, April 25, 2014

Guest Post - Phoenix Johnson

Angie and her vampire sisters are happy, making their lives in the modern world after escaping from their abusive Creator, Vitalis. Jake is a mortal man who has fallen hard for Angie, unaware of her secret and just how it affects his own life. Their lives, however, are about to be thrown into chaos.

Has Vitalis really found the sisters after all these years, just as Angie finds love?

Preparing to battle for their freedom and the life of their sister, Angie must ready herself. Not only must she take on the father she once loved, but she also must choose between the mortal life she wanted with Jake, or to protect vampires and humans alike from an unknown, ancient threat.

The Return of Their Master is the first taste of a dark world held in check by a covenant that Angie believed was a myth. She is the only thing standing between the world of humanity and utter chaos, but will she sacrifice her chance at a normal life with the man she loves? 

As I reached to adjust some earrings on the rack, he grabbed my wrist, pulling me around to face him. 
“I meant what I said, Angie.” His eyes were earnest as always and my heart ached, wanting to wrap my arms around his neck and hold him forever. Instead, I just pulled my arm back and moved to the next rack. 
“I know you did Jake, but things are just so complicated and busy right now. I couldn’t possibly take any time off. Even just for dinner.” I turned to him so he understood I did mean what I said next. “I enjoy spending time with you, I really do. We have a special friendship that I cherish dearly, but time together is going to have to wait, I’m sorry. My sisters really need my help looking after the store right now.”
He moved in closer. “You know it’s not just friendship I’m interested in, and I know it’s more than that to you, too. Don’t try to deny it.” My heart pounded and oh how I wanted to tell him he was right. 
Jake spoke loud enough that people started to pay attention to us. “I love you, Evangeline. I can’t hold it back anymore, and I don’t think you should hide from your feelings anymore either. I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of our lives together. Tell me you feel the same.”
I glanced around and saw everyone in the store, and even a few outside, were all looking at me, waiting for a response. My mouth flapped open and shut as a war raged inside of me.

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