Friday, December 6, 2013

New Girl-Love Anthology!

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Hi there, folks!

I'm super-excited at the moment. Why? Well, because not long ago I submitted a story of first time lesbian romance to an anthology, and I'm very happy to say it was accepted! Not only that, but they let me make cover art for it as well. So I score twice! Woohoo! (Plus, I'm a dude...and you know how we HATE the thought of two women making sweet, hot, wet love to each other...)

And this is it! Look at the pretty...

Best of all, it's available on All Romance eBooks already! And soon to come (heehee) on all the other places that matter as well.

Twelve short but incendiary tales of girls who love girls, all for under the price of a cup of coffee! Mmm...I'm hot under the collar just thinking about it...le sigh.

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