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Guest Post - Abi Aiken

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I posted a couple of weeks ago about the brand new cover I'd made for a brand new author, Abi Aiken.  Since she has no blog of her own yet, I offered her a cheap rental rate for the use of Willsin's World.

Take it away, Abi!

* * * *

Thanks, Willsin!

Okay, so I'm really new to all of this, even though I've been writing for years and years, just like every other writer out there it seems! When I hatched the idea for my story, "His Go-To Girl", I thought the writing would be the hard part. And it was sort of hard in a way, but it was also loads and loads of fun to watch these characters come to life on the page before me!
And then came the editing! Oh my! That was my first step to finding out how hard it can be to become a published author. I went through draft after draft, and was very lucky to find a beta-reader who really 'got' the story. It still feels sort of cool to say 'beta-reader' since I really only learned that term a short time ago!
But I won't bore you all with the step by step process, since I'm sure you all know much more about it than I do right now. Probably all I need to say is that I didn't realise I was quite so naive about the publishing process! Lol!
I'm very thankful that Willsin not only made me a cover, but also put me in contact with Katie Salidas who formatted my book for me. I'm glad it's all about who you know, because if it was all about what you know then I'd still be dreaming about being a published author.
Hopefully this will be the first of many books for me. One day I hope I can support myself and any significant others in my life with my writing, but if the process of getting "His Go-To Girl" out into the world is anything to go by, it might take me a while!

* * * *

His Go-To Girl


Channary Kee has been best friends with Daniel Garrett since the fourth grade. Now sharing a house, that friendship has grown into a beautiful romantic love.

For one of them.

Even with her genius level IQ, Channary can’t find a way to tell her housemate how she feels. And when a new love interest steals Daniel’s attention away, it seems all is lost.

Can Channary win back Daniel’s attention and turn it into love? Or will her efforts shatter their long friendship, leaving her with nothing?


With my back to him, I held my breath and closed my eyes. I felt the heat of his body all over me as he stepped up close and swept my hair into his hand. A moment later I felt soft bristles gushing through my voluminous black mane.
“Daniel, what’re you doing?”
“Making peace.”
Oh hell, it felt good. The man of my dreams running a brush – and his fingers – through my hair. It was so unexpected and disarmingly intimate. His voice rumbling so close to my ear played havoc with my knees.
“I noticed you were struggling with that old brush. Hair like yours deserves special treatment.”
Not for the first time I was utterly confused. What kind of straight man gives great hair without wanting great head in return? Or notices a girl struggling with anything other than her underwear?
He stopped brushing and moved in front of me. “So I got you this.”
“Oh, Daniel. Is that silver?”
“Silver plated. And the bristles are boar-hair. That’s supposed to be good, right?”
“How did you afford it?”
“Sold your kidneys.”
“Oh. That’s why you didn’t get me the beer.”
His laughter was like music to me.
“I surrender. But one day, brain-strain, mark my words: I will have all the answers and you will be speechless!”
I cradled the brush like it was a kitten. Receiving a gift from Daniel would be reason enough for me to be tingling inside. But a gift with such thought behind it was almost heavenly.
“So we’re good now? Peace is restored?”
I couldn’t help myself. I swept him into a hug that doubtless meant a whole lot more to me than it did to him. He returned it strongly, though, so I just took whatever I could get. With my ear to his chest I could hear his heartbeat, and it suited me to think it was pounding with desire.

Also available at All Romance Ebooks, Bookstrand, and Smashwords. Just 99¢ everywhere!

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Abi Aiken is a youngish latte-swilling movie-lover with fewer secrets than you might think. As an only child, she found the best way to have conversations (and win arguments) was to play all the parts herself. So she wrote her first story at the age of 12 and it felt so much like coming home that she never left. She believes most of her problems can be solved by Midori and lemonade.

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