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He Said, She Said - Kyoko Church meets Willsin Rowe - Part Two!

That's right. This is Part Two. "Where is Part One?" I hear you all clamouring to find out...well it's not here. Not on my blog at all!

I recently "met" Kyoko Church in a group on Facebook. We got to chatting a little and we got so interested in it that we decided to turn it into a blog. You can read Part One over here on Kyoko's blog.
Now, in the words of Big Audio Dynamite..."I'm gonna take you to, I'm gonna take you to, I'm gonna take you to Part Two!"

* * * * *
Now you hinted earlier, Kyoko, that you basically stepped outside yourself to write Mistress in For Her Pleasure. How rewarding do you find it to shuck off your Kyoko skin for a while and slip yourself into the pages of the story you’re creating?
KC: It’s funny you put it like that, Willsin. I had to think about it for a bit because whenever I write I feel I am shucking off my own skin, or at least the one I normally walk around the world in. I love being a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, an employee, a volunteer; someone who’s happy, helpful, productive, supportive, nurturing… all the things women are “supposed” to be. But I also love stepping into my office where I release myself from those things. I check the world at the doorstep and allow myself the freedom to be any of the less socially acceptable things: a slut, a Domme, a cheater, a pervert, a nympho… anything my imagination can dream up! And it’s hugely rewarding. I feel like I was only living a fraction of my life before I allowed myself permission to explore those ideas to create fiction. And by the way, I’m not saying it isn’t possible to be any of the things in the latter category at the same time as those in the former. Of course it is. And I enjoy exploring that in my writing.
But I think what you may have been asking was about writing femdom for the first time. That was also very rewarding. I am not going to pretend to be an expert in BDSM, very far from it! But one of the things I have read that it’s valuable to do to really understand the nature of these kinds of relationships is to experience both the Dom and sub side of it. Writing femdom I think really allowed me to have a better grasp of the nature of power exchange and how done well, even though it may appear that one person holds all the power, it’s really balanced and very much like the yin yang symbol, with the power flowing constantly between the people involved.
How about you, Willsin? An Australian male erotica writer is not someone you hear about every day! What brought you to writing this genre and what does it bring to you as a person and an artist?
WR: You know, when I started out writing erotica, it didn't occur to me that my gender and nationality might be considered unusual. But then, I didn't really go into it with a great deal of forethought either. I'd started reading erotica and found that a lot of what I read just didn't quite "do it" for me. It wasn't the quality of the writing or anything like that. It was all about me as a reader. So I thought that I should try writing it and see if I could steer stories where I wanted them to go.

And one thing I've discovered that I truly enjoy is writing first-person female point of view. I asked you just before about shucking off your skin to write, and that's a big part of my enjoyment too. But just stepping outside of yourself – "De-Willsining" for me – is only step one. That just gives me a blank slate. It's the donning of your "character suit" that's where the real fun begins!

In a way it feels like a delicious indulgence to "be" a woman for a while. Do you have any preference when you're writing? Have you inhabited a male POV for a story, and if so, how did it fit?

KC: I don’t know that I have a preference. Obviously I don’t worry about sounding authentically female when I write from a female POV. For Her Pleasure is actually written from a male POV and it’s only the second time I’ve done that. The first time I worried about creating an authentic male voice. I can be pretty girlie, I thought, what do I know about what men really think? This time with my sub male character, for whatever reason, I didn’t worry about that at all. I just felt like I really understood him, his kinks and motivations, so I didn’t question the authenticity of his voice. I feel pretty confident I got it right after some very positive feedback from my editor who is male and more so after some great male reader comments as well. 

I don’t know that I’d say it was a “delicious indulgence” to write as my male character, but it was certainly a lot of fun!

Well, I could stretch this out for hours longer! But at some point I guess we writers have to stop navel gazing about the hows and whys and get to the actual writing. Perhaps we could wrap up by you telling me what you’re working on now. What can we anticipate next from the charming Willsin Rowe?

WR: At the moment I’m up to my armpits in cover art. Something like 20 different titles I’m working on. And I’m also in the process of breaking in a new pen name for the stories I have which just don’t suit my Willsin persona. On top of that, for an entirely different project, I find myself writing songs again, for the first time in about ten years! So I’m a busy boy.
How about you? What’s on the cards for Kyoko?
KC: Oo, that all sounds really exciting! You’ll have to let me know your new pen name. For me, I’m working on the third book in my Draper Estates Trilogy. It’s totally not femdom so for anyone who feels femdom is not their thing and historical romance with a dash of steampunk fits the bill then I hope they’ll check out this series. Also I’m working on a really fun new event with Dymocks book store here in Adelaide that I’m super excited about. I can’t say too much more about it yet but stay tuned! It may be something you’ll want to be involved with Willsin!

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