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Guest Interview - Bianca Sarble!

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I first "met" Bianca Sarble last year in a Facebook group. Like me, Bianca is an Aussie author of naughty materials. Unlike me, she's a lovely lady! Now, let's get down to the interrogation! I mean interview...

WILLSIN ROWE: Welcome to Willsin’s World, Bianca. So nice to have you here. Let me start by congratulating you on the release of Full Bloom, which I understand is your first book.

BIANCA SARBLE: Thank you so much for having me! Yes, Full Bloom is my first book baby.

Willsin: Do you recall when the spark for Full Bloom hit you? Or was it a more gradual process...a distillation over weeks or months?

Bianca: I have always had an active imagination. That’s why I love reading, the characters come to life in my mind and that’s exactly what happened when I saw the blog for Decadent Publishing’s Western Escape line set in Freewill. Then, I saw the poster for the Shooting Star writing competition and I finally listened to the characters whirling in my mind and picked up a pen. 

Willsin: Now, my sources tell me that you’re a country girl, which means I’m guessing you have more than a passing knowledge about country fellers. For a city boy like me, can you please explain the allure of cowboys?

Bianca: Oh, what’s not to like! They know how to work hard…then play harder. They can fix anything given a piece of bailing twine and a bit of elbow grease. And they work up a sweat doing it, which of course means they need to take their shirt off to wipe their brow. Then, to properly cool down, they upturn a bucket of water over their head and let the cool water cascade down their hot washboard abs. They keep their jeans on, they wear them like a second skin, just to tease us with the picture of their tight arses encased in well-worn denim.   

Willsin: Not that you've thought about it much, or anything...So, do you think this will be “your” genre? Will you stick with cowboys and the women who defile them (heehee), or is there, say, a steampunk thriller kicking around in that overactive imagination of yours?

Bianca: While I’ll never say never…I don’t have plans to write a steampunk thriller anytime soon! I have a release coming in July that is contemporary erotic romance based on a food theme, and I have a couple in the pipeline that have some Western elements in them as well. I’m also working on some sexy short stories that are rated H for HOT!  

Willsin: Oh yes...the Edible Delights series. I'm looking forward to getting hold of all of those! Now, who do you have on your shortlist of actors to play Tash and Nathan in the Hollywood adaptation?

Bianca: Well, Nathan would have to be played by Chris Hemsworth. Oh…that man in cowboy boots and rope in his hand is enough to get Hollywood producers to sign on the dotted line in a flash! Tash would be played by Sara Ramirez, who I think is one of the sexiest women on the planet. 

Willsin: Mmm...Sara Ramirez. Actually, mmm...Chris Hemsworth! He has too many Y-chromosomes for my liking, but I can see what the all fuss is about! Okay then. Give us the goods! Tell us everything you can about Full Bloom!

Bianca: Thanks for having me . Here are the blurb and an excerpt for you and your readers.


BLURB: Tash Hathaway has moved back to Freewill to open her own flower shop—Freewill Flower Garden. She is actively seeking a man to fill her Mr. Right vacancy and has even signed up to find him online. But when she finds duds instead of studs Cassi, Tash's best friend, convinces her to take a break and live a little, make some of her cowboy fantasies come true before settling down.

When his riding partner is injured, Nathan Davis goes home for a break from the PRCA circuit. He returns to find his life changing in ways he's not ready for. Nor does he expect the distraction of a beautiful small town girl who fulfills his wildest fantasies.

Tash and Nathan collide in a lust-filled bubble, but neither of them are prepared when things get serious. Can love come to full bloom between two people determined to have a temporary bit of fun?


EXCERPT: “Tash Hathaway.” He clicked his fingers. “Now I remember. You were a couple of years behind me at high school. How’s things?”
Oh my God. He’d remembered her. “Um, things are great. I own the flower shop in town.”
“So, you own that pretty little pink thing?”
Pretty little pink thing? What?
“Oh, the van!” Tash glanced over her shoulder at the bubblegum pink delivery van. “I bought it secondhand from a mobile hairdresser and haven’t taken it to get painted yet. I’m kinda getting used to the pink. So, what brings you back to town?”
“My traveling partner came second to a bull and wound up with a broken leg. By the time I helped get him settled in Texas, I’d fallen behind in the points, so I thought I’d spend some time at home. Come see the family, help out a bit. Lucky I did because my mom fell in the barn yesterday and broke her wrist.”
“Oh, that’s terrible. I hope she’s okay.”
“Yeah, she is, thanks.”
His voice sounded so smooth, but with a bit more twang than she remembered from high school. He’d certainly changed from the shy rancher’s son into a hunk of smokin’ hot cowboy.
“My dad’s bringing her home today, but it’s going to be tough on her.” Nathan half snorted. “Not one of the best things to do in a barn.”
Tash couldn’t resist trying out her newly rediscovered flirting skills with a man that not only flipped her switch but lit up the whole damn box. She hit him with her sexiest smile. “And I bet you’re an expert in all the best things to do in a barn.”
Nathan rubbed his chin as he looked her up and down. “Looking for some lessons?”
Don’t shoot your hand in the sky and say, “Pick me! Sign Me Up!”
She cocked her head as she ran her gaze over him, taking him in from the hair she wanted to run her fingers through, to his rather large buckle. She’d put him a little over six foot, which made him her idea of a perfect fit. Being a tall, lush woman, Tash liked the feel of her lover surrounding her as they made love, and knowing he wasn’t going to drop her when he had her pinned to the wall, banging her brains out.
“That depends. Are you skilled enough to be a teacher?”
An arched brow and curved corner of his delicious mouth hinted at his cautious curiosity. He came a step closer, their bodies separated only by inches. “Oh, I’ve got the skills. I’m a professional cowboy, which means I like to perfect every ride, every time.” Nathan leaned in close to her ear. “Which can take hours of practice.” He ran his fingertip up her arm as he slowly moved back and met her eyes. “And what kind of a cowboy would I be if I didn’t know my way around ropes? That’s a skill I’m very, very good at.”


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  1. WTG Bianca - What's not to like about a cowboy who's good in the saddle or a woman who can rope and hogtie her catch. Great questions Willsin, keep up the good work

  2. I have a new passion for cowboys. As long as they're wet. x