Friday, March 8, 2013

A Little Bit o' Braggin'

I've been making cover art for over three years now. In that time I've worked with a couple of writers who have gone on to make enormous successes of themselves. And that makes me feel good, although their successes were on books that I had nothing to do with. I just like that people I rubbed shoulders with (over the interwebs) are doing really well for themselves.

But there's another success story I've been working with for a while. And that's Selena Kitt. The relationship began when, as head honcho of Excessica, Selena offered me a contract to publish The Three-Day Hump.

Not long later, Excessica was looking for cover artists. I'd been working in page layout and ad design for over 20 years so I figured I'd offer my services. I was as surprised as anybody when not only was I given the job, but I seemed to have a bit of a knack for it.

Since then, I've created well in excess of 200 pieces of cover art. And a good deal of them (almost a quarter) have been for Selena herself. That's a big deal to someone like me. I'm a minnow in the publishing world. When Selena asked me to make her a few covers, she was already enormously successful. But in giving me the opportunity to create some covers for her, it meant that my work is now being seen by thousands of people all around the world. Possibly even hundreds of thousands.

Which brings me to the real point of this blog...the new covers. I'm feeling very proud of these ones. It's for Selena's upcoming new series of fairy tale adaptations. We wanted this new series to stand out as different from the previous series, but still maintain the fairytale feel.

And what did we come up with? Well it's all just down there. I'm very pleased with the results.

Go on...take a peek. You know you wanna!


  1. What can I say? They r exceptionally beautiful, hot and thought provoking. If you're a minnow I must be an ant but I should point out if I ever get to chose my own cover artist- u would be the only person on the list. Congrats

  2. Very sweet of you, ma'am. I have no doubt you'll be much more than a minnow in no time at all. And it would be an honour to create covers for you.