Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Story - Sweet Surprises

The second title in Salidas & Rowe's "Collage" series has just released. This time around we have two strapping young guys and one lucky lady. "Sweet Surprises" combines sensory deprivation, the international language of sweet, hot lovin', and some intense moments that are sure to get your blood - and maybe a few other things - pumping!

Miranda Trujillo has everything a girl could ask for. But deep down, there are a few secret desires she’s never been able to satisfy.
This Valentine’s Day her boyfriend Brian will get her the ultimate gift...and it won’t be flowers or chocolate. 
It starts with a silk blindfold. And ends with four strong hands, two hot mouths, and one very lucky woman.

His large hands smoothed her jeans down to her ankles. He braced her as she stepped, one foot at a time, from the legs of her pants. His breath blew against her skin, sending a rush of goosebumps spreading across her belly. The warmth of his hands found her hips again. Fingers delved beneath the hem of her silk panties, already soaking with her arousal.
“I love your scent, baby. So spicy.” Husky need filled his voice. He hooked his thumbs into the sides of her panties and drew them downward, achingly slow, smoothing a path down her soft thighs with the tips of his fingers. His breath tickled through the heat of her bush and her jaw quivered with excited need.
Miranda leaned on his shoulders as she stepped free of her panties. Brian ran his hands down her calves to her ankles, each movement slow, deliberate, as if he wanted her to savor every sensation. Hell, that had to be his plan, and who was she to complain? He could lavish attention on her all night and she would eagerly accept it. In fact he had, plenty of times already.
His nose brushed her bush. The light tickle of it sent a shiver through her, but it was the pair of strange hands behind her, tugging the hem of her sweater, that caused her to jump.
“What the hell?” Miranda shrieked. 
“Relax, baby. You remember? The blindfold, the sensory deprivation...that was only the second part of the present. Welcome to part three.”
“Who is that?” she demanded, lifting a hand up to her eyes.
Brian grabbed her wrist before she could reach the blindfold. “That won’t help. Who he is, where he’s really doesn’t matter. It won’t help you enjoy yourself. It certainly won’t drive your fantasy...will it? Trust me. I know you want this, so it is my gift to you.”

* * * * *

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