Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guest Post - Parker Ford

I'm delighted to welcome Parker Ford to Willsin's World today. You wouldn't know it from her edgy, intense and downright hot stories, but Parker is a pretty quiet lady. So let's all whisper "hi", so we don't spook her!


I’ll admit to being a bit of a hermit. This is actually my first guest blog, well…ever. Way Back When, when I wrote Uncle Ed’s Lap, my intention was to write one fun book. Then I got the idea to write Father’s Keeper, Games…Fiction. Then came Sterling. Well, you get the picture. Despite intention, stories can come on strong and begin a life of their own. The writer is—pretty much—just along for the ride. And eventually the ride involves mixing and mingling with readers and writers.
When I was sitting there working on boring old desk job tasks and the idea for the Sin Alley series hit me, I brushed it off and kept pushing papers. But the thought kept reoccurring. What if there was a place…one place…that people could go to shop for just about any sexual wish or desire they held? What would the people who visited that place be like? What would the people who worked there be like? How would their lives cross and what would happen when someone seeking met someone offering?
My first flash of in inspiration for sexual wish was the whip. I have a thing for spanking, biting, whips, canes…corporal punishment. Some don’t, some do. That’s the beauty of Sin Alley. Book one, Gamble’s Whip, deals with a couple who need a boost in their sex lives due to illness and a man named Gamble with a whip is just what the doctor ordered.
Book two (coming end of February ’13), Cray’s Den, will maybe reach out to people that book one did not. Book three possibly…well, you get the picture. The idea quickly became a series in my mind and that brought me out of my shell just a little. Because when you have a bunch of stories for the same theme you sort of need to share it with others. Even if you are kind of shy. Like me. 
So I’ll be un-shy and say: I hope to see you visit Sin Alley. Whether it’s to check out the man with the whip or the guy who wants one night with a tranny or the one who’s looking to not just top but bottom or the girl who wants to flex her Dominatrix muscles. I hope you’ll just wander down the alley to see what there is to see.
Oh, and one final plea! I hope you’ll find me on Twitter. I have finally gotten on board. @WriteParkerFord is me. And if the stars all align, I’ll be joining Facebook soon enough. But baby steps, friends, baby steps

MS has changed Sadie’s sex life. Her husband often can’t orgasm, but he still finds pleasure and wants her to have her own. Telling her that is one thing, convincing her is another. Davis’s wish for Sadie—for her birthday and otherwise—is pleasure. So Davis gives her something they’ve joked about for years. A trip down Sin Alley. Where you can find whatever your sexual craving may be. Including a man with a whip. Will Davis convince Sadie to give up her guilt and accept his gift?

Warnings: This title contains explicit sex, masturbation, whipping, corporal punishment, BDSM, cuckolding, sex for pay, and the release of inhibitions. 

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All about Parker Ford – Parker Ford lives on the road more often than not. When she's not cruising a highway or taking a plane to some new place, she lives in a small house with her better half. She's the author of Uncle Ed's Lap, Father's Keeper, Cry Little Sister and Sterling. Her favorite thing in the world is an unconventional love story. Possibly even taboo. Visit her at

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