Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Aboooooard!

The "Submission Therapy" blog tour has taken us to many lovely places. But this time around, we got to visit some areas in Australia which I've not been to in aaaaages!

First up, there was the Riverina Romantics blog page. For our overseas readers, the Riverina region is in southern-central New South Wales (Australia). It's famous for wool, wheat, rice and even wine...and lately for some awesomely hawt erotic romance! From memory, the last time I was in that region was way back in 1983, for a family activity camp during the school holidays. I imagine it's probably changed a little since then!

We've put up a little blurb and excerpt over there, if you feel like getting a little hot and bothered!

Then, earlier this week we hit Wollongong (pronounced Woollen Gong) on the New South Wales southern-central coast. Last time I went there (about 20 years ago) it was about a 2 hour drive south of Sydney. Times and roads may have changed that travel time. Anyway, it's a beautiful town, with a gorgeous lighthouse. When the weather's good in Wollongong, it's about as good as weather gets.

Now while we were in Wollongong, we stopped by the blog page of one Maggie Nash, an erotic romance author of some repute. She asked us all sorts of questions about the process of writing Submission Therapy, and the intricacies of co-authoring. And then it got all personal!

You might be surprised what you learn about Katie and me if you head over and check it out here...

Thanks to my fellow Aussie authors for the chance to meet and greet with some people we might otherwise not have met.

Cheers to youse!

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