Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Just Erotica Any More

In recent months, I've been very pleased to have some new opportunities come my way. I started out in the publishing industry as a writer (and continue to work along those lines).

Then an opportunity arose to try my hand at cover art, and I took that chance and ran with it. More than a few people liked the cut of my jib, and cover art has become my chief activity within the publishing world.

Because I began my publishing life in the field of erotica, that's where most of my cover art has come from as well. Until recently.

A few months back, my friend (and prolific writer) J.E. Taylor contacted me, asking if I'd be interested in creating cover art for the new publishing company she'd started with Jason Halstead. The company is called Novel Concept Publishing, and it's a mighty fine organisation to be involved with.

One of the perks that's come from joining up with NCP has been the way the work has extended me as an artist, both in technique and requirements, and in range of genre. There's sci-fi, thriller, a touch of horror...and sometimes a mix of all three.

The first cover I made for NCP was for "The Capable Man", a tense sci-fi story by Marc Hamlet

The other cover I'm focussing on today is "The Boy in the Back Row" by J.A. Todd. This cover was quite a departure from anything I'd created before. It's a horror/thriller mix with strong paranormal themes...but it's no sparkly vampire romance, that's for sure!

There were quite a few other covers between those two, but that's for my next few posts: tentatively titled "Jason Halstead Week". You'll see why soon!

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