Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I believe the correct term is "SQUEEE"!

I'm such a girl, sometimes. Seriously. My wife hates buying clothes and shoes for herself. But I adore shopping for her.

Now, my wife has been very generously gifted in the chestal region of her body. To the tune of 38F (US sizing). Indeed, my very first blog at Coffee-Fueled Erotica was about the search for some appropriate undergarments to house her beautiful breasts.

After the experience I described in that blog, I figured I'd try some specialty shops, and in fact found her the best brassiere she'd ever had. For the bargain price of just under $130. But it looks great on and she can actually jog.

Anyhoo, I recently scored some story royalties and won a competition to design a web banner. I originally planned to blow the lot on e-books and iTunes, but then my lovely wife mentioned that she was in need of a little more support. Up there.

So, thinks I, if my Paypal account has been slightly swelled...and there are shops on the interwebs...hmm...

In the end, we found a US website which carried the exact same bra, and at half the price. Plus some others even cheaper. So we snapped them up, and they arrived today. And they look awesome on.

And she still thinks I bought HER a present. Double score for Willsin!


  1. SCORE!

    I love the tags on your post. It reads like a drawn-out drool:


  2. Woot Woot, Score!! Yay for new "over the shoulder boulder holders," and some eye candy for you.

  3. I love that you got credit for a present while doing a good deed... always important with us modern women!


  4. But did you share the link to said "great shop"?

    What about us women out there who refuse to wear the "Aussie Granny Bra", bland, colorless and oh so hardon-less bras, yet due to size can not get hot, sexy, make your man melt at the knees when he sees you in them bras?

  5. You're right, of course, Ms. Dezire. I didn't want it to seem like I'm schilling for them, but I'm happy to share the lurve...

    This is the sports bra I bought...
    ...but the site is huge and has an amazing range of everything. Not just brassieres, but all the fiddly-diddly stuff that goes with them. Plus pretty much everything else to do with the naughty bits...
    http://www.herroom.com is the master site. Go...shop!