Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

I thought it was high time I created my own presence here on the interwebs. As a writer, cover artist, book trailer maker and musician, I'm already all over the web, but there really wasn't a place to call my own. And you know how we guys get. We need our space.

For some, it's tinkering in the garden shed. For others, it's a night out, drinking with their mates and swapping tall tales.

For me, it's here, sharing my work with anyone who'll look and listen.

And if you should find yourself in need of any of the services I offer, why I'd be more than happy to discuss the matter with you.

I'd also like to give a huge shout-out to my buddy Katie Salidas, fellow Coffee-Fueled Erotica blogger. Without her help with coding and technomalogicalness, this page would look a whole lot different...and definitely not in a good way! Thank you, Katie. You are the definition of "rockin'!"

Thanks for dropping by!

Willsin Rowe


  1. Looking good!!! Way to go buddy!

  2. Great looking place. Katie trained you well.

  3. It wasn't easy. I had to pull out the heavy equipment, leather, cat o' nine tails... Oh wait, you meant trained in HTML... whoops. =p

  4. Looks great Willsin. Very very nice. Wow, didn't realize you had done some many covers. That's just crazy. Makes mine look like

    Best of luck with the new site. Thanks again for the awesome trailer for Kalinda!

  5. Well...for some reason sumpin' funny's going on. I posted a comment ages ago and it's disappeared...Anyhoo, I believe it was a comment that was saying thank you to you lovely ladies for commenting. And Katie, the leather was my favourite part. Dakota, your trailer was great to work on, because the story has so much in it. And I remember first noticing your cover work on your own "Nisey's Awakening". You have a very nice touch.

  6. Hi Willsin - I just wanted to let you know I added this website a blog post I created of ebook cover designers.

    I have people directed to the main page. Let me know if you'd like them brought to another part of the blog.

    You do great work!

    ~ Jenna

  7. Thank you, ma'am. As you have it is lovely!